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Kanata & Ottawa ON Orthodontist Office Patient Testimonials

We love hearing about how much you love your new smile after orthodontic services with Dr. Barakat. Read patient reviews about our Stittsville Ontario dentist office, and see how we help create a great dental experience.



I met Dr Barakat at the Wedding Show last April. I had considered getting braces for my bottom teeth as they had become quite crowded. But since I'm older it's considered cosmetic and therefore not covered by insurance. Dr Barakat did a very simple and painless scan of my teeth right there at the show! He explained step by step what he could do for me. The process was simple and AFFORDABLE! When I finally made my appt and visited the Kanata location, the office was beautiful and inviting, the staff was friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. I received a total of 10 trays of Invisilign (for both top and bottom) and after only a few weeks I noticed a drastic change! I just completed Tray 8 and I am beyond excited with my results! I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr Barakat and his staff! I am just completely thrilled with my decision to do this...even at age 54! I 100% recommend Villanova and Dr Barakat! Go see them! You will not be disappointed! Villanova has given me an even bigger and brighter smile :-D Thank You!


Dr. Barakat and is team at Villanova made the choice easy to start early orthodontics for our son. His philosophy for early treatment has helped our son to avoid extracting healthy permanent teeth. We had to wait 8 months in Petawawa just for a consultation only to be told we would have to pull teeth...I'm so glad we found Villanova, the drive every month or two is worth it! I've told all my friends to bring their children here for orthodontic treatment, thank you dr. Barakat and team!!

Patient Review

The advantage of having dental staff that are current with new procedures and a practice owner who values the need to be a the cutting edge of new treatments is so necessary with dental health for my family. I hope that other families benefit from the services and the wonderful staff at both practices!   As you know Aiden is my grandson, I just wish that my own children had benefited from all the money I spent on dental.  Dr Barakat goes above and beyond to make sure those of us that believe in good dental care get exactly that unlike other dental practices that do the bare minimum leaving well intentioned parents in the dark.  My children although they have been going to a dentist since their first tooth have a myriad of dental issues that could have been prevented by true professionals like the Villanova team.  Sorry for the rant but I truly appreciate the benefit of having the best!


We have been patients of Villanova Dental Studio for the last 7 years. Our son was challenged with the need for oral surgery and then followed up with two and a half years of ortho. With the advanced treatments of Villanova, we were not only able to identify why his front teeth were shifting so rapidly (a third front tooth under the gums that went undetected through our family dentist,) but were educated ongoing as to options of care, digital processing for dental appliances, but very necessary and manageable financial agreements. When it came to our next child I did not hesitate to continue our ortho “journey” with Villanova. He is now completing his ortho. Onto our daughter now with the exceptional care and extensive knowledge of the Villanova team! Thank you for “cultivating a relaxed, pain free environment” as your motto states- So true! Kelly