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TMJ Treatment Kanata & Ottawa, ON

TMJ TreatmentAn Overview

Orthodontics can be used to address dental problems associated with a temporomandibular disorder (TMD), commonly called TMJ. Ottawa ON dentist, Dr. Ami Barakat, has advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ related disorders. He and his dedicated dental team help patients regain a bite that is comfortable, healthy and stable.

Dr. Barakat is a neuromuscular dentist. This discipline specializes in the correction of jaw misalignment at the temporomandibular joint, which produces a balanced bite. He offers a range of treatment options for patients with TMD.

Our solutions for TMJ and TMD include comprehensive orthodontics, Myobrace, Invisalign, oral appliances, and traditional braces. Depending on your situation, you may be recommended a single treatment or a combination of treatments.

TMJ Disorder in Children

Early evaluation in children at around the age of 7 is important. If your child has myofunctional habits such as thumb sucking and tongue thrusting, they require early evaluation. Without early intervention, these habits can detrimentally affect the development of their bite.

Left untreated, these can lead to TMJ disorders that may require more extensive restorative dentistry later down the road. Identifying possible jaw development issues during a child’s growth phase can also allow for early orthodontic intervention to head off possible TMJ disorders.

Setting the stage for healthy jaw alignment and tooth development will have a lasting positive impact on your long-term oral health, and overall health and well being.

TMJ Treatment What to Expect

Treating TMJ with Orthodontics

For many patients, a dysfunctional bite is the root cause of their TMD-related symptoms and dental problems. This can be the result of jaw malformation, malocclusion, or recent trauma. Realigning your bite with orthodontics to reposition your teeth and/or jaw can restore your quality of life and long-term dental health.

Orthodontic Treatments for TMJ

  • Myobrace: For children and adults, Myobrace is a preventative orthodontic system that can correct oral habits that may provoke the development of crooked teeth. Through a series of exercises and the use of an oral appliance, Myobrace can straighten teeth without the need for metal braces.
  • Traditional Braces: Traditional braces can address complex orthodontic concerns that affect the bite and teeth. They are the tried-and-true method of correcting malocclusion.
  • Invisalign: A clear aligner system, Invisalign can discreetly correct malocclusion issues that may be causing TMJ related pain symptoms.
  • Oral Appliance: Dr. Barakat offers several types of oral appliances and can help patients achieve a healthy bite through comprehensive treatment planning.

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TMJ Treatment FAQs

Is TMJ treatment expensive?

TMJ disorders come in a variety of stages and severity. From slight jaw discomfort to severe sleep and stress issues, it can be treated in a variety of ways. Because of this, treatment will vary from inexpensive procedures to more advanced treatment plans.

Will a TMJ disorder go away on its own?

If it’s not causing severe issues, it has the potential to go away on its own. Some people with TMJ can do at-home jaw exercises to relieve temporary TMJ pain. Although there is a risk of further damaging your jaw muscles and more.

Can relapse from braces be a sign of TMJ?

Yes. TMJ disorder surfacing from orthodontic relapse is not so uncommon. Symptoms such as jaw pain and headaches may follow orthodontic relapse and be a clear sign of TMJ issues.

Can you fix the after-effects of TMJ?

Yes! We can address all oral issues that TMJ leaves behind. The most common issue is worn teeth from grinding your teeth. We can provide different treatments such as tooth bonding, crowns, and veneers. We are your one-stop for damaged teeth issues.

Dr. Ami Barakat

Why choose Villanova Dental Studio?

Villanova Dental Studio in Stittsville, ON is a comprehensive family dental practice offering a full range of orthodontic services. From Invisalign to orthodontic appliances for early treatment, Dr. Ami Barakat provides patient focused dental care for straightening smiles and establishing a healthy oral foundation.

Dr. Barakat has committed many hours to continuing education and training and has achieved the status of Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry. He is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and remains dedicated to improving and enhancing your natural smile with the highest standard of dental health care.