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Orthodontic Appliances Ottawa, ON

Orthodontics uses a wide range of oral appliances, including braces, to reposition the teeth and/or the jaw for a healthier, functional and stable bite. Treating crooked teeth, malocclusion and TMJ disorders with appropriate orthodontic care can ensure the long term dental health and enhance the aesthetics of your smile. Without proper treatment, most patients risk tooth damage, complex bite problems, discomfort associated with TMJ and a greater incidence of gum disease.

Dr. Barakat may recommend the use of an oral appliance as part of the early intervention in young patients or to augment the use of braces in teen and adult patients. Oral appliances are often used as one part of a more comprehensive orthodontic treatment plan.

Oral Appliances

  • Palate expanders: expand a small palate or underdeveloped palate to accommodate healthy permanent tooth development and address upper jaw alignment issues
  • Functional appliances:  enable normal jaw and tooth development by addressing thumb sucking and tongue thrusting
  • Sagittal appliances: allow for normal tooth development where crowding may occur by expanding the arch

Traditional braces with Dr. Ami Barakat in Stittsville Ontario

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Dr. Barakat offers comprehensive consultations for all types of orthodontic concerns. We use state of the art bite analysis technology and digital x-rays to develop a conservative and effective treatment plan to correct the bite and realign teeth. If you or your child has crooked teeth, dental concerns, or an uncomfortable bite, contact our Ottawa, ON dentist office or schedule a consultation online.