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Myobrace® Kanata & Ottawa, ON

What is The Myobrace® System?

Villanova Dental Studio is committed to providing patients with the latest innovative treatment solutions for straightening crooked teeth. Dr. Ami Barakat and his team have years of experience treating orthodontic issues in patients of all ages.

Myobrace is an orthodontic alternative to traditional braces. It is used primarily by younger patients. Children have the most benefit from this system because their teeth are still developing. It is much quicker to fix orthodontic issues in children. This system eliminates the need for metal brackets and wires.

Myobrace was designed with the patient in mind and offers excellent comfort. It is a three-stage removable intra-oral appliance system. Dentists have successfully addressed the causes of malocclusion using Myobrace for over 25 years. 

Myobrace in Kanata and Ottawa, ON

Myobrace is a more natural way to help your child strengthen their teeth. Crooked teeth can be preventable with early intervention. The Myobrace system is a preventative, pre-orthodontics solution to addresses orthodontic concerns before they develop into more expensive issues.

This aligner system corrects oral habits, strengthens facial muscles, and treats upper and lower jaw development issues. It teaches kids healthy oral habits and trains teeth to grow in straight. By addressing the root of the problem, Myobrace offers long-term oral health benefits, and boosts your child’s confidence.

Correcting Oral Habits

As with all orthodontic treatments, early intervention is ideal for effective treatment, especially for breaking bad oral health habits. Dr. Barakat will help patients of all ages determine which orthodontic procedure will create a healthy and functional bite. We want your entire family to practice good lifelong oral habits.

Oral habits Myobrace can correct:

  • Thumb and finger sucking
  • Breathing through the mouth
  • Thrusting the tongue against the lower teeth when swallowing or speaking
  • Using lips to swallow
  • Jaw pain from sleep disorders
  • Poor oral habits
  • Grinding teeth
  • Clenching teeth
  • Using teeth as tools

Myobrace Treatment in Ottawa

First, Dr. Barakat will perform a thorough assessment of your child’s dental and facial development. He will also analyze the child’s oral habits and sleep patterns to better understand their oral development. With these results, a tailored orthodontic treatment plan will be created.

Myobrace works through a combination of exercises, habit training, and oral appliances. Dr. Barakat will teach your child simple exercises they can complete every day that will strengthen their face, tongue, and cheek muscles. These simple monofunctional exercises are designed to help teeth develop properly.

Oral appliances will be worn 1-2 hours a day and at night while your child is sleeping.

Benefits of Myobrace:

  • Comfortable fit without damage to soft tissues
  • Convenient for any busy schedule
  • Better oral hygiene than with braces
  • Most patients do not need retainers after treatment is complete
  • Patients can complete treatment with virtually no one else knowing
  • Natural way to straighten teeth
  • No braces needed if Myobrace system is fully implemented

Myobrace FAQs

How long does Myobrace treatment take?

Generally, with good compliance and no other underlying conditions present, treatment can last between 2 to 3 years. It is also a good idea to start treatment as soon as possible, and address other underlying oral health issues before starting treatment.

Will my child still need braces after treatment?

Since Myobrace is a pre-orthodontic treatment, your child may still need braces after treatment. Myobrace helps guide your child’s teeth and jaw to grow naturally and in proper position. If successful, your child will not need braces, although there is still a possibility. Braces are sometimes used at the end of treatment for a short period if you are looking for a truly perfect alignment.

Are there any harmful side effects with Myobrace treatment?

There have been no reported harmful effects with Myobrace treatment. The appliances used are flexible, and exert light intermittent forces that assist in retraining the muscles. They do not affect breathing patterns, or contain strong chemicals.

Learn More About Myobrace

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