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Orthodontic Services Kanata & Ottawa, ON

Villanova Dental Studio provides comprehensive orthodontic services in the Kanata, ON area for children and adults. Our office is led by Dr. Ami Barakat. He is an experienced dentist with advanced training in the treatment of concerns related to the fit and function of your bite using orthodontics.

We provide advanced treatment options, techniques and dental technology to help you achieve a beautiful smile. Our process first evaluates your oral health as a whole. Then, we aim to fix functional issues with effective treatments. Finally, we will improve the beauty and aesthetics of your smile.

straighten my teeth with Invisalign in Kanata Ontario

What Can Orthodontics Treat?

Crooked teeth

Crooked teeth are the most common reason patients seek orthodontic treatment. Braces, clear aligners, and retainers can be used to straighten teeth for a more aesthetically pleasing smile. Straightening crooked teeth can also improve a patient’s oral health, reduce your risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and painful jaw symptoms. We can even prevent crooked teeth from developing in the first place with early orthodontic treatments, also known as two-phase treatment.


Overbites, underbites, and open bites occur when the jaw does not properly align. Malocclusion can be corrected using orthodontic appliances, self-litigating braces, or ceramic braces. Treatment will vary depending on the degree of malocclusion and the personal goals and concerns of the patient.

Gap Teeth

Gaps between the teeth can cause aesthetic concerns, but may also cause malocclusion or discomfort in the bite or jaw. Gap teeth can be closed using a range of orthodontic treatments depending on the size and location of the gaps.

Malformed Jaw or Bite

Some children are born with a smaller or misaligned jaw. As the child develops, it becomes evident that the bite is too small, large or misaligned. Treating a malformed jaw early on in life can help prevent difficulty eating and in speech development.

Orthodontic Treatment Options in Kanata, ON

Depending on your needs and cosmetic goals, Dr. Barakat may recommend any of the following options:

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic treatments provided by Dr. Barakat in his Kanata, ON Orthodontics office, offers a wide range of health and personal benefits that you can enjoy for years to come. Having straight teeth isn’t just necessary to achieve a pretty smile, it’s actually important for your oral health.

With crooked teeth, you are at the risk of developing dental problems and bite disorders that can affect your health and your overall lifestyle. Straight teeth have a less chance of getting dental cavities, gum disease and TMJ disorders.

Schedule A Free Orthodontic Consultation

The first step is to schedule a complimentary orthodontic consultation with Dr. Barakat in our Stittsville dentist office. During your consultation, Dr. Barakat will thoroughly evaluate your dental health and discuss your concerns. You will be presented with treatment recommendations and given the opportunity to ask questions and receive information on payment and financing options.

Contact our Stittsville, Kanata and Ottawa area Orthodontics office to schedule your consultation at (343) 305-1194, or request an appointment online.